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Once Upon a Time

Mysson started a blog in campus as a means to share his inspirations.

This was a WordPress blog that went like myssoninspires.wordpress.com But this wasn't cutting it, because when it came to mentorship, he preferred to talk with people one on one.

So, what happened next?​

He started a mentorship organization, Dream Possible, that brought dreamers, mentors and menteestogether, an initiative that ran for 2 full years, before members completed university and ventured in other areas

Meeting Digital Marketing

In a bid to raise money for his startups, Mysson encounteres Digital Marketing, and gradually fell in love with it over time

Ever since he has spent time learning digital branding, strategies and brand positioning in order to gradually scale his own startups.

And Now, in 2020

A Dawn of Bold Designs

Combining Great Copy With Great Designs

Runnning his own Digital Marketing blog, he realized that it was no longer enough to install a WordPress theme and start blogging.
Readers demanded more, and as a creator, you need to give them just that: Awesome and more.
Bold designs look at all aspects of user experience and conversion.n

What Does Your Website or Blog Say About You?

No, seriously?

I take time to understand your positioning strategy, the message you want to send and the impact you want to create. 

From there, we can then determine what web design direction you need to take, and through my CopyBranded Agency, we build just that, and a little more

If your brand design can say bold, and sleeky, and fast, and you, then our goal would have been achieved.

Committed to Building Brands that Transforms the Digital Space

4 Brands and Counting

Talk to me today, and let’s the conversations begin.

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