Jasper AI Overview: Pricing, Features, and Capabilities

Get your business noticed with Jasper AI writing assistant, a writing software that generates sales copy, ads, social media content, and landing page copy.

Jasper is an amazing AI writing assistant that’s already helping over 50,000 marketers to produce highly engaging and converting content. This AI writer produces amazing sales copy, ads, social media content, full SEO posts, and landing page copy for you – all lightning fast!

With Jasper AI, you can now:

  • Create original content that helps you rank, in under an hour
  • Brainstorm different marketing angles using proven copywriting frameworks
  • Brainstorm ideas on almost any scope
  • Write Facebook Ads that people actually engage with
  • Generate a year’s worth of content this weekend

Jasper AI Main Features

Powerful templates: Jasper AI now has over 50 templates (writing tools) that you can mix and match to create the content for any use case. 

My favorite ones at the moment are AIDA, PAS, Features to Benefits, Product Descriptions, and Content Improver.

Longform editor: Jasper has perhaps one of the most intuitive long-form editor (document editor) that allows you to create content without all the bliss. 

Jasper Commands: What makes Jasper’s document editor even more powerful is a commands feature. This tool enables you to direct the tool to write following your instructions, eliminating the need to constantly jump between templates. For example, you could use the following commands to write an article about AI Writing

  • Generate blog post ideas on the concept of AI Writing (to get headlines) … Let’s say we end up picking the Benefits of AI Writing, for instance. We set this as Heading 1 as well as enter it as a Title in the left sidebar so that Jasper knows what we are writing about.
  • Generate an outline for the above
  • Expand the above
  • Run a content improver on this
  • Write a paragraph on (paste the subheading here)
  • Write a blog conclusion for the above

Jasper AI Copy Examples:

1) PAS template

Jasper AI Writing Assistant PAS framework sample

2) FAQ template

Jasper AI FAQ sample

3) Jasper Command: Generate an Introduction

 Jasper Command: Generate an Introduction

4) Jasper Command: Generate an Outline

Jasper Command: Generate an Outline

These are just but a few examples that show you what you can achieve with this tool.

Jasper AI Pricing

Currently, Jasper offers two plans:

  • Starter plan: This empowers you to create short copy using the 50+ templates. Pricing starts at $29 for 20,000 words
  • Bossmode: This is the one you want to go for, as it comes with the long-form editor and Jasper commands, enabling you to create long-form content with ease. This plan starts at $59 for 50,000 words.
Jasper AI pricing

See a more detailed breakdown of the Bossmode plan below: 

PricingMaximum words to generate
Try JasperTry Jasper

Japer AI Free Trial

Using our link, you can take this tool for a spin, and generate up to 10,000 words for free over the next five days. 

This is the best way to inspect the tool yourself and see if it’s worth acquiring it.

Jasper AI Writing Assistant

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