Harness the power of OpenAI's advanced models, including ChatGPT within WordPress admin. Use AI Engine ChatGPT plugin to generate posts, images, and chatbots.
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AI Engine ChatGPT Plugin for WordPress

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WordPress Plugin

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AI Engine ChatGPT for WordPress

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Quick overview

It was just a matter of time before great ChatGPT plugins for WordPress come knocking. One such really powerful solution is AI Engine ChatGPT. This sleek WordPress plugin allows you to generate different types of content and populate different sections of your blog with ease.

This plugin helps you to:

  • Improve the SEO of your website by populating SEO metadata fields in popular SEO plugins like RankMath and Yoast
  • Help you generate content on the go, and publish blog posts 5X faster
  • Build interactive chatbots for your users, with content-awareness capabilities.

You also get to train your AI models directly so that the responses you get are tailored to you, your brand, and your users. To use AI Engine ChatGPT for WordPress, you need an OpenAI API, which you can get for free for your first 3 months. This gives you $18 worth of tokens, thus you can use this tool for free.

Features you get with the free version include:

  • Content generator
  • Chatbot builder
  • Images generator
  • AI playground
  • AI templating capabilities
  • Sleek UI for training your AI with datasets and even managing fine-tuned models

If you want more capabilities, then you need to get the pro version of AI Engine.

AI Engine Pro

With AI Engine Pro, you get access to exclusive features including:

  • Dynamic forms feature,
  • Statistics module,
  • Content-aware chatbot, and
  • All future features

Main features of AI Engine include:

Quick Suggestions

Use this feature to populate empty text fields with the power of AI. Now you can fill in your SEO metadata with ease and boost your rankings on Google. This also works with custom fields that you might have set up.

AI Playground

This is a section of the tool within your WordPress dashboard where you can leverage certain tools to improve your content. These tools include SEO optimizer, Text translator, WordPress Assistant, etc. Think of these as AI prompt templates.

AI Engine WordPress Plugin AI Playground Tools WordPress Assistant

AI content and image generator

Another built-in tool to this plugin is the content generator (which can generate both images and text.) You can build your blog post at once or section by section. It also has powerful bulk generation capabilities which can come in handy once you've trained the AI to speak your brand language.

Once you've created all the sections, simply click on the button that says 'Create Blog post'  to turn this generation into a real WordPress post. No copypasting.

From AI Engine Generation to WP Blog Post

AI Engine usecases

Create interactive chatbots for users

You can easily add a chatbot that is content-aware. This way, your users can ask the bot questions about the content they're on, and the bot would return highly relevant information. Now, users can ask the bot to summarize the article, highlight the key points, or even name websites or products mentioned within the article.

Automatically generate blog posts

AI Engine ChatGPT Plugin for WordPress can be used to automatically generate blog posts based on your topics. The plugin can also generate fresh, copy-proof content for your website or blog.

Automatic image generation:

By using the AI Engine ChatGPT plugin for WordPress, you can generate amazing images based on your desired text inputs. You can easily create captivating visuals that perfectly match the tone of your website. The tool also provides powerful image editing options so you can customize the images to your exact needs and preferences.

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Jordy Meow is an advanced developer for WordPress, and has launched some of the most successful plugins including Media Rename, Media Cleaner and Database Cleaner. His latest creations are AI Engine and Social Engine plugins, all housed under Meow Apps.

I particularly love his plugins as they are pretty much straightforward, clean with sleek UI. This is something you will notice once you start tinkering with AI Engine

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