OpenAI Announces Launch of ChatGPT API for App Developers: 90% Lower Costs

ChatGPT API OpenAI Announcement

ChatGPT will soon be available in all apps. OpenAI announced in a blog post that it will launch a new API to allow developers to integrate ChatGPT within their apps and products. OpenAI claims that the API will allow developers to access “cutting-edge language” (not just chat!) The API will allow developers to access “cutting-edge […]

Prompt Engineering: Writing Effective AI Prompts for ChatGPT Content Generation

AI Prompts Engineering for Content Creation 2x

There are lots of AI writing tools on the market today that you can leverage to speed up your content writing processes and scale your content business. The most popular tools include: While these tools are great, getting them to generate the type of content that’s engaging and relevant is often hit-and-miss.  One way to […]

9 Benefits of Using AI Writing Tools for Blogging

Benefits of AI Writing for Blogging

Artificial Intelligence is developing quicker than ever. As intelligent computers continue to grow, they are becoming more useful in everyday applications. From acting as a personal assistant to law and business applications, artificial intelligence has made the world more efficient at every turn. The content development industry is no exception. The writer’s toolkit is becoming […]

11 AI Copywriting Tips for Successful Content Development

AI Copywriting Tips AI Mode

Artificial Intelligence is a rapidly growing and evolving field. And when it comes to writing web content, the power of AI is already making noticeable waves. AI, as you can imagine, allows for an incredible amount of automation. It’s why even small businesses can compete with big brands and why we’re seeing a drastic increase […]