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Writecream for Personalized outreach copy

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Text generator
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Copywriting templates
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Quick overview

Writecream is an AI writing assistant with several applications including short and long-form copy generation. There are templates for various use cases and the outputs are quite decent.

It also has handy tools for generating personalized copy for email and LinkedIn outreach. It’s the perfect tool for busy people who need help writing emails, articles, and other marketing materials.

Writecream new AI email writer

While this tool wins when it comes to personalized copy generation (as you can simply input a LinkedIn profile link of your prospect, and have it write an email based on their recent activities), this tool has evolved to include other AI tools such as AI art generator.

Main features of Writecream include:

a) Personalized email generator

One of the most powerful features of Writecream is perhaps their personalized email generator. Generating catchy emails for outreach has never been easier. This tool grabs information from the website or the LinkedIn profile link provided, analyzes it, and then creates a personalized email template for you to use.

b) Image icebreakers generator

Ever wished you could customize the images that you include in your emails or even social outreach to let the prospects know that you researched them? Well, now you could! Simply let Writecream do the work for you with their image icebreaker generator.

c) ChatGenie (ChatGPT-like generator)

This is a conversational AI tool built on top of ChatGPT that can help you generate high-quality content as long as you write detailed prompts. It can generate conversations, reviews, articles, and even emails. Unlike ChatGPT, ChatGPT can access the latest information beyond 2021, can be used in mobile apps, and is always accessible.

It’s also always available. ChatGPT normally limits generations if you have been using the tool continuously for more than 2 hours. This is when you jump onto an alternative like ChatGenie or Chatsonic

d) Create your own AI tool

Need tools for more specific use cases than those provided by built-in templates? Writecream offers an option to create your own AI tool. It’s quite basic but may come in handy for simple usecases such as rewording sentences a certain way.

e) Backlink personalization

Another powerful tool you’d like is the backlink personalization feature. All you need is to give the URL of the page that you want a backlink from, press enter, and within seconds you have great options to choose from.

Writecream Backlink outreach generator example 1

Writecream usecases

1) Personalized outreach email copy

Use Writecream to generate highly personalized emails and LinkedIn outreach messages. You can then use these to scale your cold email prospecting strategies and backlinks outreach. All you need is your prospect's website URL or LinkedIn profile links.

2) AI email writer

Their new tool helps you craft any type of email on the go, be it a sales email, a response to a customer query, or a friendly email to your colleague asking them to help you out with a project.

3) Grow your LinkedIn network

Use this tool to write copy for LinkedIn InMails and even messages to use when sending connection requests to make your prospects more receptive to you. Another way you can use Writecream or any other AI writer is to write short thought-leadership content on industry topics or causes that you can about for your LinkedIn profile. This helps you build a community and influence super fast.

4) Brainstorming your idea

There are quite a few AI tools within Writecream that can help you brainstorm different ideas, marketing angles, or anything really. Some templates you can play with include: Catchphrase Slogan generator Hashtag generator Motto generator Rewording tool

5) Writing articles

When I first bought Writecream, they didn't have a long-form editor nor was it geared towards article writing. That's changing, and there are two great tools for article writing already: Article writer wizard that can help you generate 1000-word long articles in just 4 steps Blog section templates for writing intros, outlines, paragraphs, and conclusions. Long-form editor for building your blog sections

About Writecream

Writecream is a company that finetunes OpenAI's models to create a suite of tools for niched usecases such as marketing, SEO writing, etc. Krittin Kalra is the founder