What is AI Writing? How to Use AI Tools to Write Content Faster

How to Use AI to Create Content Faster

Content marketing works since the content drives digital conversations, creates memorable digital experiences, and convenes people across the globe together.

Content helps companies to:

  • Boost their brand awareness
  • Gain traction for their products and services
  • Establish authority in their fields
  • Attract and retain customers
  • Develop and nurture a strong audience base
  • Build community relations and establish direct connections with people who might share similar interests, values or passions.

Content marketing is the cornerstone of content strategy because it fuels other components of the overall content mix like keyword research and social media marketing.

If you think about it, your content is the fuel that drives your entire marketing strategy.

However, there’s always been one problem: creating enough quality content quickly to keep up with all the demand.


Enter AI writing

AI writing tools can make the process of creating content faster, easier, and more efficient for marketers like you.

AI uses artificial intelligence to deliver better versions of articles written by humans than what humans can write. Isn’t that wild? 

With Elon’s OpenAI being opened to developers, the potential of artificial intelligence is now available to every consumable industry, including publishing. As a result, the industry has seen a surge in AI tools that are ready to go, easy to use, and affordable for content creators looking to up their game with AI writing.

Many companies now use AI programs called virtual assistants which can help them manage everyday tasks like scheduling meetings, keeping appointments, and sending emails.

AI writing is different, however, in that it can be used to create digital content like blog posts or articles. It’s a programming tool that can write large amounts of information based on a particular topic in just seconds, and its uses extend beyond the business world into educational platforms where students are asked to engage more with the material they’re learning.

Whether you’re a talented copywriter or just someone who needs some help—the benefits of using an AI software tool are clear.

  • What is AI writing?
  • How can you use it for your content strategy?
  • And which tools are available to help take your business and career to the next level?

We’ll answer all of those questions in this post but first, let’s get down to basics…

What is AI writing?

At its core, artificial intelligence writing is a programming tool that can generate large amounts of unique and engaging digital content based on a particular topic in seconds.  It operates by drawing from huge databases to create templates for the content it creates.  Artificial intelligence writing often works as add-on programs or extensions that can be added to a specific article or post within your content management system.

With AI writing, you don’t have to summarize what your article is about, pick the right keyword or choose an image.  Instead, it writes everything for you – from the first sentence all the way down to the last period. It’s hard to believe that you can receive this level of service for something so low-cost and simple to implement.

How do you use AI writing?

Great question! Before we answer it, though, let’s talk about some of the basics behind how artificial intelligence writing works.

In its most basic form: templates.  

AI writing tools use templates to create unique content for any topic in your industry.  For example, let’s say you want to write a blog post about the best places to stay while visiting the City of Philadelphia during the holiday season. Based on AI’s understanding of past topics and keywords that have worked well online, it can generate your blog entry based on the template you’ve selected.

AI uses this general subject and several synonyms and other important keywords to create an idea of what to talk about in the post. The program then goes through its database of content for a similar theme or topic. It analyzes each piece, looking at the most successful examples of previous content to produce an effective and unique article. 

AI tools can pick up on user behavior and search trends to find what works best for your content, industry, and even the keywords you use most often across your platforms.

As AI writing technology continues to advance, we expect to see more industries adopt this tool to increase engagement and sales online. By taking some of the most tedious tasks out of your hands, it can leave you with more time to focus on other aspects of your business or just enjoy life a little more.

It may even be able to adjust the writing style and tone for a unique experience.

This is how AI writing uses templates to create copy:

  1. AI creates a template based on successful content from the past
  2. Content creator fills in core elements like title, meta description, and keyword tags
  3. Success for the content creator and a new post for the site.
  4. “Core content” is referred to as a blueprint, with slots that will be filled in automatically by

This means anyone using AI writing can speed up their processes by helping them cut down on time spent choosing topics and keywords or writing articles entirely from scratch.  You simply have to fill in the core elements of your article, like your title, meta description, and tags, and then expect a fully-formed piece to be returned.  It’s magic!

But it doesn’t stop there.  AI writing tools also have the ability to adapt your article’s style and tone based on your desired voice and objective. So, if you want a piece that is more professional or formal, highly informative or witty, AI writing will be able to create the perfect article for your needs.

How Can You Use AI Writing?

Artificial intelligence writing has several applications that can help you in your content marketing strategy, including:

Instant Article Creation  – In about 10 seconds, AI writing tools can generate an entire unique article.  You’ll never need to worry about being short on content again! Even for the busiest business owners, AI writing can help your company grow.  Simply craft your prompt accordingly, and start generating quality content.

Email Marketing   – Let’s say you are in charge of sending emails for your company newsletter, and you want to write a large number of articles within a set deadline.  With AI writing, you can create several articles to be used for your email marketing campaign without ever leaving the comfort of your desk.

Content Curation  – Whether you’re working in an SEO role or writing original content, AI tools can help you save time by curating and filtering out all the best articles based on a specific topic – without spending hours researching online.

B2B Lead Generation   – When you’re trying to reach out to new customers, artificial intelligence writing can help you create targeted lead capture content across all of your platforms and social media profiles. It can even help increase the number of conversions!

The most important thing for modern business owners is that AI writing will save you time and money.  It’s a win-win for you and your content marketing strategy!

So, how do you use AI writing?  

Here’s How to Use AI Writing

When it comes to creating content, everyone has their own method, but at its core, the process involves researching the right topic, outlining, and building up topical sections. Some people like to brainstorm ideas before getting started. Others outline their post or come up with topic clusters, and then write once they have all the information in place.  Regardless of the path you take, it’s important to find what works best for you and your company and then use AI tools to speed up the process.

For example, AI tools can help with:

Researching   – One big-time waster for content marketers is researching. AI writing tools can understand how people search online and determine what keywords searchers use most often in relation to the content they create. This means your articles can be easily found online, which helps increase your exposure!

Outlining   – AI writing tools may not be able to come up with topics for you, but they do a great job of letting you know what to include in the article. By analyzing trending news topics and popular keywords that are being used online, AI writing can help you brainstorm content sections for your posts.

Drafting   – AI writing tools can help you write faster by creating the first draft of your article with a little bit of priming and guidance. It saves your time and lets you put together a draft quickly so that it’s ready to be edited and published with little hassle!

Proofreading   – AI Writing assistants such as Grammarly can help with correcting grammar, fine-tuning content, and editing the structure and overall flow of your content, which helps develop your writing style.

All of these mean that AI writing tools should soon be an essential part of your business and content marketing strategy.  

Best AI Writing Tools

There are many AI writing tools available online, but here are some of the best I’ve come across:

1) Jasper AI

Jasper AI is a great writing assistant for both content creators and marketers. It lets you write blog posts based on your industry or type of business, which makes it a great option for B2B lead generation.

A few months back, I used this tool to create a blog post for our new company’s website.  I was able to create the entire article in less than 30 minutes, and it’s been it’s starting to appear on Google.

Here is a detailed Jasper AI Review to learn more about how this tool works.

2) Writesonic AI writer

Writersonic AI is another great option that helps you do more with your writing. It integrates directly into the Google Docs platform to make it really easy to find the perfect phrase, and it also integrates directly with WordPress.

The best thing about this software is how easy it is for non-tech-savvy people!  You don’t have to know code or be a developer to use this software! This AI writing tool can help anyone write better and more efficiently.

3) CopyAI

CopyAI is perfect for writing short copy content and is often used for:

  • Social media content
  • Sales copy
  • Brainstorming marketing ideas etc.

4) Copysmith

Copysmith is a better alternative for creating high-converting sales copy and landing pages.

If you know what kind of content works for your audience, then this AI writing tool is a great option.

5) KafKai

KafKai uses natural language processing to make it easy to auto-generate full-text articles based on the 20 or so niches that the program has been trained on., and it learns about your content niche over time so that your articles get better with every use! Since you do not have much say in the generation process, the quality of the articles isn’t as good.


AI writing tools can help with so many different parts of your content marketing strategy. They’re an affordable investment that will save you time and money in the long run!

AI writing tools take a lot of the effort out of creating content and save you time, so there’s really no excuse not to give them a try if you’re looking to increase your content marketing output! How do you use AI tools to boost your content creation? Share with us below.

Good luck with all your future writing projects, and let me know in the comments if you have tried an AI writing tool before! 

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