What is GPT-4o?

GPT-4o overview

Model name: GPT-4o
Model release date: May 13, 2024
Company name: OpenAI
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GPT-4o, also known as Omni, is a major upgrade to OpenAI’s language model technology. It’s a significant leap towards more natural human-computer interaction because of its following capabilities:

  • Multimodal: Unlike previous models, GPT-4o can understand and generate outputs using a combination of text, audio, images, and video. This makes it much more versatile and powerful for various applications.
  • Faster and cheaper: Compared to its predecessor, GPT-4 Turbo, GPT-4o is reportedly twice as fast and 50% cheaper to run. This improvement can make it more accessible for wider adoption.
  • Real-time response: GPT-4o can respond to audio prompts in as little time as 232 milliseconds, with an average response time close to that of humans (around 320 milliseconds).

This real-time responsiveness makes for a more natural and engaging user experience.

Unlike its predecessors, GPT-4o is designed to accept a combination of text, audio, and visual input, extending the capabilities of the AI beyond just text-based processing.

This model is a step forward in multimodal AI, interacting with users in a more versatile and comprehensive. Unlike Visual mode, you can interrupt the AI without any latency.

Here are some resources you can explore to learn more about GPT-4o:

GPT-4o capabilities

With this model, you can achieve narration capabilities:

  • Ask it to narrate a bedtime story
  • Add drama to the narration
  • Narrate in a singing voice
  • Do it in a robotic voice,
  • Oh, and it can laugh and romanticize

Other uses include:

  • Math problems help and guidance
  • Step-by-step code explanation, etc
  • Real-time translation
  • Express someone’s feelings simply by pointing the camera at them.
  • Take compliments like a real human would.

The model can create compelling product narratives that help users understand the benefits and features of a product, guiding them through the product experience from start to finish, as highlighted by the importance of product narratives in marketing and user experience.

This model is set to roll out to all free users over the next few weeks, worldwide.

Upcoming Audio support

While not yet widely available, GPT-4o is set to include audio processing features. Initially, this capability will be limited to a small group of trusted partners before a broader rollout‚Äč.

Chatgpt free users benefits

With the launch of GPT-4o language model, Chatgpt free users now enjoy:

  • Browse with Bing: Enjoy web access for up-to-date info
  • Access to GPT-4 for free for all users
  • Upload images and generate content based on them
  • Upload and process files and documents for help with content, summarizing, writing, or analyzing
  • Analyze data and generate charts
  • Enhanced memory and lookbacks
  • Explore and utilize GPT Assistants and the GPT Store

GPT-4o visual understanding

Eval SetsGPT-4oGPT-4 TurboGemini 1.0 UltraGemini 1.5 ProClaude Opus
MMMU (%) (val)
MathVista (%) (testmini)63.858.
AI2D (%) (test)94.289.479.580.388.1
ChartQA (%) (test)85.778.180.881.380.8
DocVQA (%) (test)92.887.290.986.589.3
ActivityNet (%) (test)61.959.552.256.7
EgoSchema (%) (test)72.263.961.563.2
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