OpenAI Announces Launch of ChatGPT API for App Developers: 90% Lower Costs

ChatGPT API OpenAI Announcement

ChatGPT will soon be available in all apps.

OpenAI announced in a blog post that it will launch a new API to allow developers to integrate ChatGPT within their apps and products. OpenAI claims that the API will allow developers to access “cutting-edge language” (not just chat!) The API will allow developers to access “cutting-edge language (not just chat!) while cutting costs by 90% compared with rates that were charged in December 2022.

Developers now have the ability to use the open-source Whisper large v2 model in their API. This allows them to achieve much more efficient and cost-effective results. ChatGPT API users will see continuous model improvement and the possibility to select dedicated capacity for greater control over the models. Our API terms of service have been improved to better suit the needs of our developers. We also took into consideration their feedback.

The company announced that some developers have already launched or are planning to launch ChatGPT integrations into their apps. Snapchat launched My AI its chatbot to Snapchat+ subscribers last week. OpenAI claims that My AI offers Snapchatters a friendly, customizable chatbot that can offer recommendations and even write haikus for their friends.

The company also mentioned Quizlet, which is a learning platform. Q-Chat is an “adaptive AI tutor that engages with students with adaptive questions, based on relevant study material delivered through a chat experience. Instacart plans to use this technology to allow customers to ask about food and receive inspirational, shoppable answers. Shopify has integrated the technology into Shop, its consumer app to act as a virtual assistant.

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