Understanding the New OpenAI’s Chatgpt Privacy Policy (December 14, 2023)

OpenAI Chatgpt Privacy Policy
Learn about OpenAI's privacy policy updates and how your data is handled. Understand key changes, data collection, usage, sharing, and your rights.

As a digitally savvy individual, staying informed about the privacy policies of the services you use is crucial.

OpenAI doesn’t publish Chatgpt privacy policy, but its use and information around data management is covered by the overall OpenAI policy.

OpenAI OpCo, LLC recently updated its privacy policy, effective December 14, 2023.

This post delves into the key aspects of this policy, ensuring you understand how your data is handled.

Note: This is a summary of OpenAI privacy policy. For full policy, you may visit this link

Key changes in the privacy policy

Geographical specificity

The updated policy does not apply to individuals in the European Economic Area, UK, and Switzerland. Residents in these areas are still covered by the previous version of the policy.

Data collection and use

OpenAI collects various types of personal information, including:

  • Account information: Details associated with your account, such as name, contact info, and transaction history.
  • User content: Information included in the input or feedback provided to OpenAI services.
  • Communication information: Data from interactions with OpenAI, including message contents.
  • Social media information: Data from interactions on social media platforms.
  • Technical information: This includes log data, usage data, device information, and cookies.

Usage of personal information

OpenAI uses this data for:

  • Service provision and analysis.
  • Communication regarding services and events.
  • Research and development.
  • Security, fraud prevention, and legal compliance.

Data sharing

Your personal data may be shared:

  • With vendors and service providers.
  • During business transfers.
  • For legal reasons.
  • With affiliates and business account administrators.

Your rights and how to exercise them

You have various rights concerning your personal data, including access, rectification, deletion, and more. These can be exercised through your OpenAI account or by contacting OpenAI directly.

Special considerations

  • Children’s privacy: The service is not for children under 13.
  • International users: Data may be processed and stored in the U.S. and other jurisdictions.
  • Changes to policy: OpenAI may update its privacy policy and will notify users of any changes.
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