TikTok is Testing Chatgpt Powered Search Highlights

TikTok testing Chatgpt powered search highlights

TikTok is evaluating an enhanced search functionality that integrates generative AI technology.

This initiative, dubbed Search Highlights, provides users with AI-generated content at the summit of certain search queries, designed to streamline the discovery process within the app.

When users enter search terms related to topics such as “best laptops 2024” or various recipes, AI-generated snippets may populate.

These snippets, developed with ChatGPT’s technology, display when the app determines they have significant relevance to user searches.

However, the AI search feature remains in a selective testing phase, with its presence variable depending on the query. TikTok also presents Search Highlights that do not bear the AI-generated label. Their origins — whether they are summaries of available content or derived from external sources — remain undisclosed.

Enhancements in TikTok’s in-app search capabilities have been progressively more frequent. Past updates have included the testing of Google Search results integration within TikTok’s platform, creating a seamless connection back to Google.

Also, there has been the incorporation of direct links to external authoritative sources such as Wikipedia and IMDb within search outcomes.

By building on these AI features, TikTok is not only enhancing the utility of its search engine but is also responding to the unique behaviors of its largely younger demographic. These users increasingly turn to TikTok for information and recommendations, positioning the platform as a rival to established search engines.

Transparency on how search results and recommendations are generated, especially those that overshadow creator content, is anticipated to be of high interest to users and brands alike.

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