BuyWisely ChatGPT Plugin

Compare product prices and find offers from Australian online shops

BuyWisely is a ChatGPT plugin that enables Australians to shop faster and more efficiently by helping them with two shopping tasks:

  • Comparing product prices across different stores
  • Discovering the best deals to save on costs.

It’s a shopping assistant that helps to streamline the process of online shopping by providing relevant product information and comparisons.

Here’s what the Buywisely plugin can do:

  • Product search: It can search for products based on a keyword provided by the user. The keyword can include information like the product name, description, specs, or even prices.
  • Product comparison: The plugin can present the top 5 offers for each product, sorted by price, to give the user a clear view of the most cost-effective options.
  • Highlight deals: It can highlight products with significant discounts or high review scores to draw attention to great deals or highly praised items.
  • Interactive Shopping Experience: The plugin can engage the user by asking relevant follow-up questions that could help refine their search or consider other factors.

BuyWisely ChatGPT plugin returns visual results that include pricing, images, and hyperlinks to the product pages

Example prompt

Which are the best laptops to buy for a writer

ChatGPT response:

BuyWisely ChatGPT plugin

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