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Scholar AI
Seach academic papers and journals using Chatgpt

This plugin, Scholar AI, is a tool that allows you to access open-access scientific literature, peer-reviewed journals, and academic research materials from Springer-Nature. You can use it to find relevant papers based on specific keywords, retrieve the full text of a paper, and save citations to a reference manager like Zotero.

This plugin is especially useful for students, researchers, and academics who need to stay up-to-date with the latest research in their field. The plugin can help users find relevant articles, understand complex concepts, and stay informed about the latest developments in their area of study.

Using Scholar AI

Note, while the prompts above are in a code format, you can use the tool by asking natural language prompts.

For instance, a prompt like “Write an abstract for an article about the impact of climate change on diversity 2020-2023″ should suffice.”

Scholar AI Chatgpt plugin prompt example

Searching for paper abstracts

You can use the searchAbstracts function to find relevant papers based on 2 to 6 keywords. For example, if you’re interested in recent research on climate change and biodiversity, you could use the following prompt:

  keywords: "climate change, biodiversity",
  sort: "publication_date",
  query: "What is the impact of climate change on biodiversity?",
  start_year: "2020"

In this example, the keywords parameter is used to specify the topics you’re interested in. The sort parameter is used to order the results by publication date, so you get the most recent papers first. The query parameter is used to specify the exact question you’re interested in. The start_year parameter is used to limit the search to papers published from 2020 onwards.

Retrieving the full text of a paper

Once you’ve found a paper you’re interested in, you can use the getFullText function to retrieve the full text of the paper. For example:

  pdf_url: ""

In this example, the pdf_url parameter is used to specify the URL of the PDF you want to retrieve.

Saving a citation to Zotero

If you want to save a paper to your Zotero reference manager, you can use the saveCitation function. For example:

  doi: "10.1000/xyz123",
  zotero_user_id: "your_zotero_user_id",
  zotero_api_key: "your_zotero_api_key"

In this example, the doi parameter is used to specify the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) of the article you want to save. The zotero_user_id and zotero_api_key parameters are used to specify your Zotero user ID and API key, respectively.

At the end of each generation, Scholar AI will always guide you on what to do next:

Would you like to dive into the full text of any of these articles or search for more papers? Also, if you want, I can save any of these papers to your Zotero reference manager.

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