Keyplays Live Soccer ChatGPT Plugin

Keyplays Live Soccer
Explore latest live football standings, results, and commentary

The Keyplays Live Soccer Chatgpt is a plugin that provides detailed information about soccer/football matches from various leagues around the world.

This includes a wide range of data such as:

  • Match Details: Information about the league, venue, weather, lineups, and more.
  • Commentary: The plugin can provide live commentary for ongoing matches.
  • Participants: Information about the teams participating in a match.
  • Odds and Predictions: The plugin can provide odds for matches and predictions based on various factors.
  • TV Stations: Information about which TV stations are broadcasting the matches.
  • Referees: Details about the referees officiating a match.
  • Formations: The formations used by the teams in a match.
  • Sidelined Players: Information about players who are not participating in a match due to injuries or other reasons.
  • Standings: The current standings of teams in a league.

Example prompts:

  • What are the current standings in the English Premier League?
  • Which TV stations are broadcasting the La Liga matches today?
  • What football leagues have games today?
Keyplays Live Soccer

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