Kraftful ChatGPT Plugin

ChatGPT but for product development research

Kraftful ChatGPT is a GPT-4 plugin that serves as your product development coach.

With this plugin, you can ask about best practices and get insightful answer summaries with thinking from top product gurus.

It’s like having your own product coach, available 24/7 inside ChatGPT. You can access this plugin by visiting the Kraftful website or via the ChatGPT plugin store.

How you can use Kraftful

  • Save hundreds of hours analyzing product feedback
  • Chat with your user data to answer questions that matter, develop PRDs or write Jira tickets
  • Answer questions related to product development.

How to Use Kraftful ChatGPT Plugin

One way to use Kraftful is by enclosing your prompt as follows: 

userQuestion: “What are the best practices for user interface design?”

The AI returned this while citing sources:

Kraftful ChatGPT plugin

By using the Kraftful plugin, you can quickly get to product-market fit, scale your user base, and grow revenue.

Side note: Looks like this tool was originally named Klever chatgpt plugin, based on the original domain address for its logo.

I asked ChatGPT about this plugin, and this was the response: 

Kraftful is a plugin designed to enhance your product development expertise. It provides access to best practices from reputable sources. You can use it to ask questions, explore industry-standard best practices, and write clear product documentation directly within ChatGPT.

Here’s how you can use it:

  • Ask questions: You can ask questions related to product development. For example, you might ask “What are the best practices for user interface design?” or “How can I improve user engagement in my app?”.
  • Explore best practices: Kraftful can provide a curated list of product development best practices from reputable sources. This can help you gain valuable insights to improve your product development skills.
  • Write product documentation: You can use Kraftful to help write clear and effective product documentation. For example, you might ask “How should I structure my product documentation?” or “What information should I include in my product documentation?”.

To use Kraftful, you simply need to provide a question or request related to product development. For example:

  userQuestion: "What are the best practices for user interface design?"

This will return a response with information and best practices related to your question.

Now, I believe you should get the same responses without enclosing your question as above, provided that the plugin is enabled, and your query is about product development.

At the moment, the plugin is Native to ChatGPT with no external authentication, so you won’t be able to query your own data for personalized insights, but this might change in the future.

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