Penrose Analyst ChatGPT Plugin

Penrose Analyst
Explore latest global news and research papers

Penrose Analyst is a ChatGPT plugin that searches global news and research papers, summarizes links and gets the latest news headlines without any paywall.

With Penrose Analyst, you can also get explanations and summaries of any Arxiv link via embeddings. This plugin is live in the ChatGPT plugin store.

Penrose Analyst ChatGPT Plugin Screenshot

Sample use cases:

  • Ask the latest news about a given topic (Provides news summaries)
  • Get article content of particular news from the generated AI summaries (no need to leave the platform)
  • Get news from a particular website or via a given URL
  • Search all research and academic papers hosted on by author, abstract, title, or category

The Penrose Analyst Plugin is a powerful tool for researchers, students, or anyone who needs to find and analyze information from news sources or academic papers.

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