ChatGPT Plugin
Write optimized content with SEO localization, tone and emotions

The ChatGPT plugin is a tool that works as your personal SEO assistant for content marketing, directly inside of ChatGPT.

By combining the power of ChatGPT with patented technology, this tool offers the capability to anticipate and get ahead of the ever-changing SEO landscape before your competition.

With the plugin, users gain access to AI-guided SEO capabilities that amplify their reach and optimize their content.

The plugin provides AI-guided SEO recommendations to supercharge your content, maximizing its reach and engagement. features:

  • Localized SEO content targetting
  • Content optimization for organic reach
  • Generate comprehensive blog outlines

The vision for is to create a comprehensive SEO assistant living within ChatGPT.

It offers capabilities like providing LSI keywords, emotional intelligence, and competitive article outline insights.

It also supports commands to create markdown SEO articles, optimize existing articles, and even generate promotional content for social media platforms​

Example prompts:

To use the plugin make sure to include seo in your prompt. I.e don’t say write an article, rather Write an SEO article

Write an SEO article for my Google My Business page  about dental orthodontics and optimize if for Plano, Texas near Dallas. Mention the local neighbourhood and how the dental office have helped the locals for over 10 years

Write an SEO article about performance marketing

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