Supercharge My EV ChatGPT Plugin

Supercharge My EV
Need help finding places to charge non-Tesla electric cars? Use Supercharge My EV Chatgpt plugin

The Supercharge My EV Chatgpt plugin is a tool designed to provide information about electric vehicle charging stations, specifically focusing on Tesla superchargers that are available for use by non-Tesla electric vehicles.

The plugin falls under the category of “Automotive Tools” or “Electric Vehicle Resources”.

It offers a range of functionalities, including:

  • Fetching Tesla Supercharger information available to non-Tesla electric vehicles for specific locations. This includes the address, number of charging stations, and other relevant information.
  • Providing a list of all public charging stations throughout the United States, including those from other vendors like Rivian, ChargePoint, etc.
  • Checking the global total of Tesla Superchargers available to non-Tesla owners/vehicles for use.
  • Retrieving Tesla Supercharger stations available to both Tesla and non-Tesla owners/vehicles by various parameters such as city, province/state, country, and region.
  • Providing data on planned Tesla Supercharger stations that are set to be installed and opened in the near future.

This plugin is particularly useful for EV owners and those considering buying an EV, as it can help them understand the availability and distribution of charging stations. It can also be a valuable tool for businesses in the EV industry for market research and planning purposes.

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