Video Insights ChatGPT Plugin

Video Insights
Interact with videos from Youtube or Daily Motion

The Video Insights plugin is a tool that you can use to extract valuable information from videos across various platforms, such as YouTube or Daily Motion directly from ChatGPT.

It’s designed to help you get the most out of video content by providing detailed transcripts, summaries, and metadata.

Here’s how you can use it:

  • To get a full transcript of a YouTube video: You can use the GetFullTranscriptOperationYoutube function. You’ll need to provide the video’s ID, which is usually found in the URL. For example:
  video-id: dQw4w9WgXcQ
  • To get a full transcript of a video from an unsupported provider: Use the GetFullTranscriptOperationUnknown function. You’ll need to provide the full URL of the video. For example:
  • To get a summary and metadata of a YouTube video: Use the GetVideoSummaryOperationYoutube function. Again, you’ll need to provide the video’s ID. For example:
video-id: dQw4w9WgXcQ
  • To get a summary and metadata of a video from an unsupported provider: Use the GetVideoSummaryOperationUnknown function. You’ll need to provide the full URL of the video. For example:
full-video-url": "

Whether you’re looking to analyze a speech, understand the content of a tutorial, or simply want to know what a video is about without watching it, this plugin can be a great asset.

Video Insights plugin in action

For this illustration, I simply entered a video URL as the prompt, and the AI returned pretty good coverage:

The video you’ve shared is titled “3 ChatGPT Extensions You need to Download Immediately!” and it was published on June 5, 2023. The video has a duration of 38 minutes and 3 seconds. As of the time the data was fetched, it had 65,908 views, 2,501 likes, and 170 comments.

In this video, the author discusses three Chrome extensions for ChatGPT that can enhance its capabilities. They introduce the extensions and explain how to access them through Google Chrome. The extensions discussed are:

  • TalkBerry: This extension allows you to interact with ChatGPT using voice commands. The author provides step-by-step instructions for installing the extension and using it to prompt ChatGPT in multiple languages.
  • ChatGPT Prompt Genius: This extension allows you to create and save prompts for future use. The author demonstrates how to create a new prompt and gives an example of a prompt for YouTube experts. The extension is also useful for optimizing titles, hooks, thumbnails, and descriptions on YouTube to improve audience engagement.
  • Prompt Storm: This extension provides pre-made prompts for the chatbot. The author gives a tutorial on how to use the Prompt Storm menu, which allows users to craft powerful prompts for both ChatGPT3 3.5 and 4. The menu is organized by categories such as art, business, coding, education, entertainment, health, legal, marketing, productivity, religion and spirituality, travel, and writing.

The author also discusses the benefits of using Google’s Spanish voice feature, which offers a neutral Spanish accent from Spain. They provide a list of 10 essential sentences for beginner Spanish learners and discuss two other Chrome extensions for language learning: Talk Berry and Prompt Genius.

The video also includes instructions on how to export and share conversations from the chat platform ChatGPT, how to improve an Instagram bio, and resources for learning how to use Canva, including a specific course on Udemy and YouTube tutorials.

You can watch the video here.

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