Visla ChatGPT Plugin

Create short videos using publicly available stock footage

The Visla plugin is a tool that can be used in conjunction with ChatGPT to generate short videos from public stock footage.

It’s a powerful tool for creating video content based on the user’s input.

The plugin takes various parameters such as:

  • Video content
  • Aspect ratio
  • Publishing platform,
  • Video idea,
  • Video tone,
  • Video type, video title, video description, and video tags

These video parameters allow the AI to create a video that matches the user’s requirements.

How Visla ChatGPT plugin works

  1. The user provides a topic or idea for the video they want to create.
  2. The Visla plugin uses this information to search for relevant stock footage and compile it into a video.
  3. The plugin can also take additional parameters to further customize the video, such as the tone, type, title, description, and tags.
  4. Once the video is created, the plugin returns a shareable video link, a claim code for saving or editing the video, and also the video title, description, and tags.

Here are some example prompts:

  • Create a video about the life cycle of a butterfly.
  • Generate a video tutorial on how to bake a chocolate cake.
  • Produce a promotional video for a new fitness app.
  • Make a video highlighting the top tourist attractions in Paris.

For example, if a user says, “Create a video about the life cycle of a butterfly”, the assistant would use the Visla.createVideoUsingPOST API to create the video.

The AI assistant would fill in the video_content field with “life cycle of a butterfly”, and could also generate appropriate values for the other fields based on the context.

The Visla plugin would then return a link to the video, a claim code, and the video’s title, description, and tags.

Visla prompt video sample

Visla ChatGPT Sample prompt

For the sake of this illustration, I asked ChatGPT to generate a video tutorial on how to bake a chocolate cake, and it responded with the following:

Great! Your video tutorial on how to bake a chocolate cake has been created successfully. Here are the details:

  • Video Title: Chocolate Cake Baking Tutorial
  • Video Description: This video tutorial guides you through the process of baking a delicious chocolate cake from scratch. Perfect for beginners and seasoned bakers alike!
  • Video Tags: baking, tutorial, chocolate cake, homemade, recipe

You can view your video using this link: Chocolate Cake Baking Tutorial

If you want to save or edit the video in the future, please use this claim code: 819048

Please note that video creation may take a minute. Enjoy your video!

As you can see, this tool can be quite useful for video creators and vloggers. You can edit the video further after claiming it and change things such as video footage, text, or even add a voice-over over at the website.

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