WebPilot ChatGPT Plugin

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The WebPilot plugin is a tool that allows ChatGPT to interact with web pages. It can be used to visit a specific URL, retrieve content from that URL, and perform various actions based on user requests.

These actions might include extracting specific information from the page, rewriting the content, translating it, and more.

Here’s an example of how you might use the WebPilot plugin:

Let’s say you want to visit a news website and extract all the headlines. You would provide the URL of the news website. Then, you would specify your request to extract all the headlines.

Webpilot Chatgpt in action

User: Can you use the WebPilot plugin to visit the OpenAI website and tell me what the latest blog post is about?

The AI will then markup the above request as follows:


"link": "https://openai.com/blog",
"user_has_request": true

The assistant would then receive a response from the WebPilot plugin with the content of the webpage. It then parses this content to find the information about the latest blog post and provide a summary to the user.

Webpilot returns:

The latest blog post on the OpenAI website is titled “Function calling and other API updates” and it was published on June 13, 2023. Unfortunately, the WebPilot plugin only provided the title and date of the blog post, not a summary of its content.

To get more detailed information about the blog post, you might want to visit the blog post directly.

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