Word Counter ChatGPT Plugin

Word Counter
Count the number of words, and characters (with and without spaces).

The Word Counter plugin is a tool that can be used to count the number of words, and characters (both with and without spaces) in a given piece of text.

This can be useful in a variety of contexts, such as when you’re trying to stay within a certain word or character limit for an essay, article, social media post, or any other type of written content.

Here are the main features of the Word Counter plugin:

  1. Get Count: This function accepts a piece of text and returns the number of words, characters with spaces, and characters without spaces in that text.
  2. Plugin Manifest: This function provides information about the plugin, such as its name, version, and description.
  3. Openapi Spec: This function provides the OpenAPI specification for the Word Counter plugin, which is a technical document that describes how to interact with the plugin’s API.
  4. Legal Info: This function provides legal information related to the use of the Word Counter plugin.

Example prompt: How many words (your content here)

Word Counter Chatgpt plugin

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