Word Sneak ChatGPT ChatGPT Plugin

Word Sneak ChatGPT Plugin
Engage in a captivating conversation and uncover the secret words to win the ultimate AI guessing game!

Word Sneak ChatGPT plugin allows users to play a word-guessing game with an AI.

The plugin sneaks three secret words into a conversation, and you as the user have to guess them before the end of the conversation.

It can be a fun interactive way to test one’s language skills and attentiveness.

Playing the Word Sneak game

I was able to play the game by implying installing the plugin, enabling it, and then typing Play Word Sneak game in the prompt box. The plugin returned the following:

Word Sneak:

Sure, we can play a game of Word Sneak! Here are the rules:

1. I will receive 3 secret words that I have to sneak into our conversation.
2. We will each send 5 messages total in the conversation.
3. My job is to discreetly sneak in the 3 secret words seamlessly into the conversation. I’ll try to make it very difficult for you to guess which words I used were the 3 secret words.
4. At the end of the conversation, you will try to guess the 3 secret words. You get 1 point for each one you guess correctly.

Let’s get started! I’ll get my 3 secret words now. 

Great, I’ve got my words. Let’s start the conversation. How has your day been so far?

Word Sneak ChatGPT

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