Did WEF Call For AI to Rewrite the Bible? No, Here’s the Truth

Did WEF Call For AI to Rewrite the Bible? No, Here's the Truth

Such a claim requires an extremely broad definition of the World Economic Forum and a severe misreading of a speech.

You might have seen exaggerated claims on social media suggesting that the WEF is pushing for a globally unified religion through AI. These assertions are incorrect.

Claims that the World Economic Forum (WEF) aims to rewrite the Bible using artificial intelligence are not accurate. These allegations often come from misunderstandings or intentional misinterpretations of speeches and statements.

Key points:

  • False allegations: Claims about the WEF seeking to create new religions with an AI-written Bible are false. The idea lacks any official backing from the WEF.
  • Misleading social media: Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are common sources of such misinformation.
  • Widespread fact-checking: Websites like Snopes and USA Today aid in debunking myths surrounding the WEF and spurious claims about AI and religious texts.

Quotes from Reliable Sources:

  • Alex Kasprak of Snopes: “Such a claim requires an extremely broad definition of the World Economic Forum and severe misreading of a speech.”
  • WEF Spokesperson: Stated that the organization has no initiatives related to rewriting the Bible or creating new religions.


  • AI and religion: Artificial intelligence is a tool for many applications but attributing new religious texts or interpretations to AI is speculative and not grounded in WEF initiatives.
  • Misinformation spread: Users on platforms like Instagram and Facebook often spread these falsehoods, which then require rigorous fact-checking.

Historians and authors:

  • Yuval Noah Harari: A historian often misquoted in these claims. Harari discusses the future of humanity and AI but does not assert the need for a new AI-written Bible.
  • Other Authors and Philosophers: Many intellectuals debate AI’s role in society, yet none credible support the rewriting of sacred texts.

Educational efforts:

  • Combatting Fake News: Education on verifying sources and understanding the context is crucial. Fact-checking organizations strive to provide accurate information to dispel myths.
  • Role of Media: Responsible journalism plays a key role in preventing the spread of misleading claims.

WEF’s focus:

  • Global Challenges: The World Economic Forum concentrates on addressing significant global issues like climate change, economic inequalities, and technological advancements.
  • Future of AI: The WEF discusses the ethical use of AI and its implications but not in the context of creating or modifying religious doctrines.
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