Discover how Wordtune, the AI-powered rewriter tool, can help you improve your content with smart synonyms, three levels of paraphrasing, Auto-completion spices, and more.
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Wordtune AI Rewriter

Supported platforms:

iOS App
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Microsoft Word Addin

AI tools supported

AI paraphraser
AI Summarizer (Read)

AI rewriter

Paraphrasing modes
Text Summarizer tool
Rewrites Management
Rich text editor
Grammar helper

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Quick overview

Wordtune is a powerful AI rewriter that uses AI21 Labs language models to suggest content rewrites that you can use to improve your pieces. This tool is similar to the likes of QuillBot AI Paraphraser, WordAi, and partially also Grammarly.

Some Wordtune features that make it stand out include:

  • Smart synonyms based on context
  • 3 paraphrasing levels (word, sentence, and paragraph level rewriting)
  • Wordtune Read: an AI summarizer to help you get the key points of long-form documents
  • Translate and rewrite simultaneously
  • 4 paraphrasing tones (modes)
  • Wordtune Spices: content snippets to improve your content quickly (analogies, statistical facts, counterarguments, jokes, etc.

Paraphrasing modes:

  • Rewrite
  • Casual
  • Formal
  • Shorten
  • Expand

With this tool, you can get quality rewrites where all the spelling and grammatical mistakes are auto-fixed.

Wordtune Pricing

Wordtune has a free plan that grants you 20 rewrites per day, and a paid unlimited plan (Premium.)

The Wordtune Premium plan is $24.99/month paid monthly, or $9.99/month when paid annually. This only grants you access to the AI rewriter. For access to Wordtune Read (AI Summarizer), you will need a separate subscription, at similar pricing.